Cash For Scrap Cars

Always ensure that the person taking your vehicle is fully licensed

Cash For Scrap Cars

cash for scrap cars

Anyone travelling around the country could not fail to notice the signs springing up at every traffic light, every stop junction, and every busy street. Signs offering scrap for cars, cars for cash etc.
None of these signs give a landline number. Many of the signs, with identical spelling mistakes so presumably from the same person, have up to 5 different mobile numbers on them.

One has to ask themselves, why is this? Why do these people not want to be traced?
It is because the action of buying end of life vehicles and breaking them or selling them for scrap is illegal. The practices that these operators utilize to help pay for the cars are illegal. They are polluting the countryside, leaving the owners without the necessary cert of destruction, and the taxpayer gets the bill for the cleanup.

Please ensure that the person taking your vehicle is fully licensed, and ensuring that they have a landline is one way of checking that they do.